Szwajcarka (Swiss Cottage)

Szwajcarka (Swiss Cottage). This building was also erected thanks to the strivings of Princess Marianna in 1824, and constituted an element of the park layout. In the days of its splendour the building had little superfluous ornamentation, and it was really the wainscoting on the walls that gave the Swiss House its charm.

On the first floor was the Hunting Hall, which could be reached via external stairs. A bench wound its way around the room, while windows looked out into the park in three directions. Another feature of the décor was the fireplace. Other rooms were also furnished in a truly Spartan style; one of them was “Dad’s room”, and another “Mum’s room”. The Swiss Cottage predated Tyrolese architecture, and you could say it was inspiration for it in this region. The building survived the maelstroms of war, and in 1950 came under the management of the PTTK, which opened a hostel here.

Translation Jonathan Weber