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Bukowiec ponds

Within but a short distance of the former residence of Count von Reden, who established a gorgeous landscape park around the building, is a fascinating complex of ponds. Their location close to the palace meant they reflected its form in their waters.

The dykes by the pond were used as roads, and the lane leading to Kostrzyca, along which oaks were planted, marked a scenic road leading towards the Mała Kopa, Czarna Kopa and Śnieżka mountains. When the weather made it impossible to enjoy the beauty of the mountains, the mists rising from the ponds made up for the aesthetic loss. The ponds’ romantic names – such as the Kąpielnik [Bathing Pond] or Staw Ponurej Kapliczki [Gloomy Chapel’s Pond] – reflect the atmosphere they form.

The Bathing Pond lies in a set of three ponds at the food of Mrowiec. It is irregular in shape, measuring around 520 x 270 m and with a surface area of about 9.5 hectares; the pond’s water level is at 400 m above sea level, and its depth is around 1 to 1.5 metres. There used to be a fisherman’s home on its bank, one of many structures in the park; no trace of it remains.
The Gloomy Chapel’s Pond is close to the Bathing pond. Smaller, covering around 5 ha, it has a triangular shape measuring 200-230 m. The pond took its names from the Abbey which was also an element of the romantic park.

The complex of ponds was fed by water accumulated by a dam built by the owner of the time, Count von Reden, and water flowing down from Mrowiec (the highest point in the vicinity, at 512 m). A series of ditches and canals linked the entire water system.
Moorland spotted orchids and marsh marigolds can be seen growing around the ponds, which also constitute a habitat for water fowl.

Translation Jonathan Weber