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Rudawy Janowickie Mountains
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Wojanów palace

Wojanów was established at the latest in the second half of the 13th century.
In 1281 it was the property of the Zedlitz von Schildow family, who moved into Lower Silesia and held administrative functions at the courts of the Świdnica-Jawor and Legnica-Brzeg dukes.


Łomnica Palace

Łomnica was mentioned as a knights’ village way back in 1305, while accounts from 1366 speak of the existence of landed property. In 1281 a nearby property in Wojanów was taken possession of by Hans Zedlitz von Schildow, whose family had moved into Lower Silesia and held administrative functions at the courts of the Świdnica-Jawor and Legnica-Brzeg dukes.


Karpniki Palace

There’s a village stretching along the foot of the Sokole hills which dates back to the 13th century. A neo-Gothic palace located in the lower part of the village is also often referred to as the castle.
Traditional accounts link either Duke Bolesław IV the Curly or Henry I the Bearded to the castle’s construction around the mid 12th century.


Wojanów-Bobrów palace

According to guides and unconfirmed information, there was a castle in Bobrów around the year 1450 – the “Boberstein” watchtower. It’s job was to guard the crossing of the Bóbr river. Other sources inform that it was burnt down by Hussites around the year 1428.


Bukowiec palace

Records of Bukowiec go back to 1305, although when exactly the palace was built is unknown.
The knight Heinko von Zedlitz, known as von Meinwalde, is listed as the gentleman settled in Bukowiec in 1379. He was the second of eight sons born to Apitz von Zedlitz of Maciejowa, the gamekeeper for Duke Bolko of Świdnica and steward of Duke Hans of Görlitz. Heinko’s wife was Katharina von Salza.


Janowice Wielkie palace

The palace in Janowice Wielkie was constructed in the 16th century, by the knight von Beier, as a manor on the right bank of the Bóbr river. From 1608-1609 it was extended on the order of Count Daniel von Schaffgotsch, owner of Bolczów castle, and was called a hunting castle.


Radomierz Palace

Radomierz was probably founded around the year 1300. A document from 1372 recounts how the jaworska duchess, Agnieszka, handed over many feudal belongings of the Sokolec “Falcon Stone” castle, including Radomierz, to the knight Clericus von Boltz.


Miedzianka palace

In 1353, Duke Bolko II the Small of Świdnica erected a castle where Miedzianka is to be found today.
Hans Dypold, the owner of Miedzianka, ruled until 1531, during his time transforming Miedzianka into a leading centre for the extraction and processing of copper, lead and silver ores in the Sudetes mountains.


Trzcińsko palace

According to German chronicles, around the 15th century the Schaffgotsch family were owners of landed property in territory then belonging to the Duchy of Jawor.